Cedar and Polygal: An Attractive and Strong Pergola

This outdoor kitchen and patio space was created for a home in the picturesque Texas hill country. The pergola roof is made from rough cedar wood, and features a Polygal top. The Polygal allows for light to shine through while offering protection from the occasional rainfall. The design is open and bright, so the beauty of the surrounding landscape can be enjoyed to the fullest. The warm red cedar wood is not only attractive; it is an ideal choice for pergola construction. Cedar is known for being weather resistant. It’s a strong, low maintenance material that resists rot, mildew, and warping. Additionally, insects don’t like cedar. While it won’t keep every insect pest away from your patio, they will be less likely to invade near cedar wood.

An Outdoor Kitchen With Texas Style

The custom designed outdoor kitchen features a gas grill, built in space for the barbecue smoker, and a log burning fireplace. It’s all set up for an evening of delicious dining, followed by drinks in front of a crackling fire. The kitchen walls are limestone, with matching tan Lueder counters. Lueder stone is a popular Texas limestone that is available in a variety of colors and textures. It has stood the test of time in construction throughout Texas, with a reputation for being long-lasting and durable.

Our talented team at Southern Outdoor Appeal is ready to help you design and create the outdoor space of your dreams. We specialize in creating spaces that compliment the surrounding landscape, and will fit your personal style. Contact us if you would like to discuss design options with us.

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