A Screened Porch Adds Living Space

A screened porch is an easy way to add living space to your home, without the expense of
building an entire new addition. Even with small yard space, we can design a screened porch
that will work with any type of property. This porch doesn’t take up much room of the slightly
small yard, but still is large enough for comfortable outdoor furniture. The overall appearance of
the addition compliments and blends in with the style of the existing house.

Enjoy The Outdoors Comfortably

We like to spend time outside here in Texas. However, Summer heat and insects can make the
great outdoors a bit uncomfortable. This porch has two ceiling fans that provide a refreshing
breeze anytime you want. The screens keep mosquitoes out, while allowing you to enjoy the
fresh air. The lighting on the ceiling means you can enjoy reading or other activities late into the
evening. Even if it’s raining outside, you can enjoy the fresh air while staying dry and
comfortable on your screened porch.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss building a screened porch for your home. We
would love to help you create a space where you can enjoy being outside comfortably.

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