Elegant Pool Deck, made with Öko Skin

The Fairmont Hotel has a beautiful rooftop pool area on their seventh floor. It's a relaxing space, with a breathtaking view.
The 3,500 square foot deck area around the pool area is made of a decking material called Öko Skin. Öko Skin is made of glassfibre reinforced concrete. It is available in several colors, to complement any decor. At the Fairmont Hotel, it gives an inviting appearance of wood, without the need for the regular maintenance of a wood deck. In fact, Öko Skin is almost maintenance free!

Easy Maintenance and High Durability

Unlike traditional wood or even some composite deck materials, Öko Skin does not require periodic painting or resealing. It has long term durability in any weather; it won't warp, fade, or rot. Additionally, it is fire resistant, making it a safer choice than traditional wood decking.
Öko Skin has minimal impact on the environment. It consists of high grade raw materials made from natural substances. As such, this material can be completely recycled.
This product is suitable for large projects, such as this hotel deck, or small projects such as porches, patios, sheds, fences, and more! Please contact us if you would like more information about using Öko Skin for your outdoor project.

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