A Beautiful Deck With A Stunning View

This deck is a lovely example of how our Design Team can create an elegant space for any location. Even on a hillside, the outdoor space you’ve dreamed of can be achieved. The red cedar wood, with open hog wire panels, creates a perfect compliment to the wooded view. Imagine watching a sunset at the end of a long day, while relaxing in this sublime ambiance.

Attractiveness and Functionality

The cedar wood used for the deck and rails is more than just an aesthetic choice. Cedar is a popular choice for decks because it holds up well in all kinds of weather. It’s a strong, low maintenance material that resists rot, mildew, and warping. Additionally, insects don’t like cedar! While it won’t prevent every insect from bothering you, it will help keep some of the pests away.
The hog wire panels maximize the view, while providing a safety feature. Hog wire is made with galvanized steel rods welded at every intersection. It is strong enough to provide a safety barrier for small children and pets. Hog wire is also a popular choice for climbing plants, such as jasmine, clematis, or climbing rose varieties.

We Can Work With Your Landscape

At Southern Outdoor Appeal, we realize that there are many unique outdoor spaces. This is an excellent example of how our Design Team worked with a challenging landscape to create a stunning deck. Even if your property is uneven, on a hillside, large or small, we are happy to work with you to construct the outdoor living space that best suits your lifestyle. Please contact us if you're interested in a consultation.

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