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Southern Outdoor Appeal Has Years of Experience

Welcome to Southern Outdoor Appeal! Southern Outdoor Appeal is backed by decades of experience and knowledge; creating beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces. Our team is committed to helping you create an outdoor space for your home that matches your vision. Share your ideas with us, and we’ll make it happen! Our design team will meet with you to get your input on the design elements that will make an outdoor space your own. We understand that you want your new patio or deck to reflect your own personal style and personality.

Taking Pride in the Texas Landscape

The Southern Outdoor Appeal Team has strong ties to the Texas community. We know how much people in Central Texas enjoy spending time outdoors. Family barbecues and outdoor parties are a long standing tradition in this part of the world. We can create outdoor spaces that are complimentary to the beautiful Texas landscape. Even if your yard has uneven terrain, or you want to preserve existing trees and plants, we’ll work with that challenge.

Professional and Experienced Craftsmanship

With exemplary experience and professionalism, we use only the best quality materials and finest craftsmanship in our work. When you meet with our team, you will have a choice from a wide variety of materials and styles to consider when creating your new outdoor space. Your preferences and ideas are considered in every step of the design process. The end result will be a beautiful backyard space that is unique to your tastes. We take great pride in our work, just as you take great pride in your home.

Our team is ready to help you realize the backyard dream you’ve been waiting for. Whether you want a full outdoor kitchen space, a covered patio, a custom hardwood or composite deck, or a comfortable pool house, Southern Outdoor Appeal can help with your design ideas! Contact us, and let’s get started creating your outdoor sanctuary.



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